Because of The Old Rugged Cross ~ Anchored In Him Because of The Old Rugged Cross




My Jesus came down from glory
To live and walk among the lowly.
Suffering such shame and disgrace
All this He did for my sake.

When I think of Jesus story
He chose to leave heaven's glory.
He came to earth in human form
To be tempted, rebuked and forlorn.

Yes, on Calvary He took my place
Even today still extends His grace.
To wash away my damnable sin's
Washed in Jesus blood I can win.

Who am I that Jesus would die
To save me from Satan's lies?
Never, no nothing could I have done
Anything worthy of God's son.

In assurance of God's perfect love
I am promised of a home above.
Just a lowly sinner worthy of death
But by Jesus blood I can Heaven quest.

Heaven's glory one day I will reap 
And my Jesus face to face I'll meet.
Redeemed by Jesus I will not be lost 
All because of that old rugged cross.

Used with permission Malta © Apr 2009, a special
thanks for use of her poetry, all the praise goes to
our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

He has not dealt with us after our sins, nor rewarded us according to our iniquities - - Psalm 103:10











The Old Rugged Cross
Jimmy Swaggart
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