Change Me - Anchored In Him

Dear Lord change not Thy will in my life
Or trial and sorrows to be;
Renew my faith and make me strong
Change not Thy will, change me.

Though teardrops fall when trouble comes
Like storms on a rolling sea;
Let Thy beacon guide my ship to port
Change not the storm, change me.

When Thy Holy Word I don't understand
And Thy glory I cannot see;
Teach my eyes, give me sight and wisdom
Change not Thy Word, change me.

If the fruit Thou hast given me to eat
Taste bitter and sour, I plea;
Let not my will but Thine be done,
Change not the fruit, change me.

If sometime I murmur and grumble, dear Lord
About the cross I carry for Thee;
Keep it firm on my shoulders, but hold my hand
Change not the cross, change me.

If You change Thy ways to please me, dear Lord
I would soon grow cold and turn from Thee;
That You may hear my prayers, dear Lord
Change not Thy ways, change me.

There's a valley that I must cross
Someday Thy face to see;
Lest I forget what power is Thine
Change not the valley, change me.

Author Unknown

And I set my face unto the Lord God, to seek by prayer and supplications, with fasting, and sackcloth, and ashes - - Daniel 9:3


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