Choose To ~ Anchored In Him



Choose to ignore the little annoying behaviors of others and no one will be able to annoy you.
Annoyance, after all, is all in your mind.
Choose to be free from worry and anxiety, and your moments will instead be filled with purpose and joy.

Choose to see the beauty in people and you'll find yourself surrounded by beautiful people.
Choose to make the best of every situation and your days will be filled with positive achievements. 
Choose to learn from each experience and your wisdom will become more profound with every passing day.
Choose to seek out and enjoy the difficult challenges and you'll find yourself growing strong with each one.

Choose to make a positive difference and the good things in your life will increase in quantity and value.
Choose to care for what the Lord has given you and reap the benefits that come your way.
Each day is a choice.
Each moment is a choice.
Always remember that your attitude, your outlook, your perspective, your commitments, your thoughts and your actions are all choices - - choices which can make an enormous difference in the way your life proceeds.

Author Unknown

Often we more than we need a new start; we need a new heart that only God can give ! ! !



Do You Know My Jesus
Don Gibson
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