Anchored In Him - Church Long Ago

I often think of church so long ago
We had the desire in our hearts to go,
Everyone was happy, on fire for the King,
We lifted hearts in worship as we sang.
The old folks they would sing,
Send the power, send the power,
Glory, glory somebody touched me,
It must have been the hand of the Lord.
Throw out the life line, throw out life line
Someone is sinking today,
They would jump and shout for joy,
And sing in the Sweet By and By.
We would walk to church on Sunday
Plow through the banks of snow,
We looked forward to the worship
On our way we did go ...
Oh how the times have changed
We need to shout and sing,
Give me that old time religion;
Hallelujah praise the King.
Shout Amen, Praise the Lord
Giving glory to His name,
Let's surrender all to Jesus,
Enjoy His praises once again.


A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ Bernice Ward
for the use of her poetry © March 2014. You may
contact her email to thank her. God bless you my

A church is a hospital for sinners, not a club or museum for saints . . .

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