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The church steeple white with snow People inside and windows aglow The warmth of the blessings in each heart As the choir sings, "How Great Thou Art". I stand out in the bitter cold I heard the story as it was told, By my parents many years ago I knew this was the place I should go. Many hurts had befallen me I stood there crying, not able to see My hands were cold, but it froze my heart That I turned on the Great Thou Art! I entered into the doors, so heavy My feet were froze, my eyes were cloudy I heard the choir finish the song God made me feel that here I belong. After hearing God's powerful Word Another voice in me, my heart was stirred I walked forward when the invitation was given I walked ahead and gave Jesus my sin. He gladly took and placed it at the cross He then smiled and said, "It's gone, don't worry!" I felt His loving embrace surround me I knew that Jesus had set me free!
A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ Judy Kasten for the from the heart poem, used with permission © 2014 You can contact Judy and thank her for this lovely poem. May God Bless you Judy. Click here to share this page with family and friends . . .

Christ's forgiveness is the door to a new beginning . . .




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