The Coming Storm ~ Anchored In Him

Earth is aging,
War is raging.

Storms are brewing,
Hatred stewing.

Fires are burning,
Seas are churning.

Earthquakes rumbling,
Stocks are tumbling.

Soldiers trenching,
Mobs are lynching.

Satan working,
Evil lurking.

Thieves are stealing,
Men are killing.

Voters sighing,
Leaders lying.

Oil is soaring, 
Price deploring.

Food costs spiking,
Unions striking.

Disease reeling, 
AIDS is chilling.

People swearing,
No one caring.

Armies forming,
Mothers mourning. 

Sad new rule,
Bans God from school.

Signs are heeded,
Prayer needed,

Lives forsaken,
Babies taken.

Down and under,
Lots of plunder.

Brothers fighting,
Such backbiting.

Liberal creed,
We do not need.

Evil prophet,
None can stop it. 

Man of sorrow,
Holds tomorrow.

Congress stalling, 
Leaders brawling. 

Hits our nation.

God doth warn,
The coming storm. 

2008 Marilyn Ferguson
A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ
Marilyn Ferguson for the from the heart poem.
You can contact Marilyn and thank her for this lovely poem.
Also you may visit her site to see more of her lovely poetry
While you are there please sign her guest book.
May God Bless you Marilyn.

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God's warnings are to protect us, not punish us . . .




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