Do Not Fear ~ Anchored In Him



My Child, don't be weary or burdened
Talk to Me, I'm your Heavenly Father,
Do not fear, I'm sitting next to you.
I will never leave you, I'll see you through.

My Child, I never walk behind you
I always walk with you,
I'm with you till your journey ends,
I will always be your best Friend.

I'm here my Child, I'll help you stand
And walk with you each hill you climb,
Take My hand, We'll walk together,
Don't fear, just live one day at a time.

Thank You Jesus for calming my storm
Thank You for staying close by my side,
And sheltering me in time of rain,
Thank you Lord for bearing my pain.

When I get to Heaven
The first one I will see
Is my Precious Saviour,
And feel His arms embracing me.

A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ Bernice Ward
for the use of her poetry © August 2009. You may
contact her email to thank her. God bless you my

Fear God, and you'll have nothing else to fear ! ! !







Ernie Haase
Somebody Cares
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