Do You Remember? - Anchored In Him


(About our real America)
Do you remember when America was FREE
Capitalism prospered for you and me,
and anyone could be what they wanted to be.
Do you remember?

And way back when the law was the law,
and you feared the wrath of your own pa,
life was simple like that show, HEE HAW.
Do you remember?

When a man wasn't lazy, he always worked hard,
Mom's tended children, kept house and yard,
and from underage youth drinking was barred.
Do you remember?

Strangers were welcomed, immigration laws heeded,
no doubts and lies from our government seeded,
and a fence on the border was never needed.
Do you remember?

How about the Good Book, where morals were taught
God was in the home, and His WORD was sought,
our leaders even knew what our forefathers wrought.
Do you remember?

Life was precious even in the womb
caring for the elderly was just assumed,
and patriotism was not presumed.
Do you remember?

Oh, for the days when Mom's didn't worry
across field or town you could run and scurry,
and ride your bike or a horse named Fury.
Do you remember?

Letters came slow by postal mail,
and we got along fine without a phone cell,
no seatbelts or car seats, still we did just swell.
Do you remember?

Words to music were always kept clean
Moms washed clothes on a wringer machine,
dances were chaperoned, life was easy it seemed.
Do you remember?

The cop in town was the end of the line
if he sent you home, you turned on a dime,
curfews were set, and folks thought it fine.
Do you remember?

RESPECT was a word we could always tell,
was for teachers, preachers, cops and parents as well,
in their face we dared not scream or yell.
Do you remember?

Granny and Gramps were part of our home,
always included never left alone,
and oh, the knowledge from them we honed.
Do you remember?

Now criminals run cops, kids run the school,
no one believes in the GOLDEN RULE,
and folks in the White House are just plain fools.

Where has it all gone, when shall it end?
Is our country becoming an iniquity den?
Will God in Heaven turn around this sin?
Will we be proud patriots once again?

Please Lord, help us, I pray, Amen

A special thanks to Tamara Hillman for use of her
poetry © 2009. You may contact Tamara
to thank her.

We cannot know the heart of God unless we have a heart for God ! ! !

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