Do You Know Him ? ~ Anchored In Him


Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling, calling for me to come home ...

Oft' times we ramble on our way, seeking a better life
For want of all the earthly things, we see not Jesus at our side
He walks along beside us, wanting only for us to share
But in our hearts, in our selfish way, we know not He is there 

Our neighbors watch us walk alone, never getting ahead.
We forget who really matters, don't heed what the scriptures said
Even all our earthly worth, it crumbles like ashes on the ground
If only we would accept His way, our lives could be profound

One day a little boy knocked on his neighbor's door
He had a happy story to share, one he'd not shared before,
For he feared this grumbling man who never looked his way
But trembling, he told this man, "I have to tell you this today"

For sometimes we forget to do the things that matter most
We get to playin' and livin' life, don't think of who matters most
I found a new friend this morning, never knew his name
But this new friend loves me as I am, so glad Jesus came

Yep, He came into my heart, said He would change my life
I would have trials and temptations, but He would be by my side
He would carry my burdens, or He would carry me
All I had to do was open my hearts door ... with me He'd always be

Do your know my Jesus? The one who died on Calvary?
Do you know He died for you, too, so He could set you free?
If you want to know more about him and have him save you
Come to church with me tonight, you can sit by me in my pew

It's right in front by the pulpit, you won't have to walk far
If you accept him in your heart, he'll take you as you are
You can talk to Bro Billy, he will pray with you
Then you can share my Jesus with your friends, too

The man looked at the little boy, tears streaming down his face
Was it truly possible his story was true, was there a saving grace?
Oh, do you know my Jesus, the one who died for me?
Oh, I want you to know him, too, so He can set you free!

A special thanks to Jene' Lind for use
of her poetry © 9 March 2010. God Bless
you my Sister-In-Christ. You may contact
by email to thank her for sharing her talents.

When you know God's grace, you'll want to show God's grace ! ! !

Do You Know My Jesus
Skeeter Davis
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