Have Another Cup of Coffee ~ Anchored In Him


A cup of coffee in the morning,
Maybe a piece of toast or two,
Is all that's needed to get you started,
To see the whole day through.

A little smile to greet the day,
And a cheery word or two.
Will fill the day with sunshine,
For you and your neighbor too.

Work is never a problem, 
When pursued with love and caring,
But engage in something you want to do,
And with another you will feel like sharing.

Bolster up another's feelings.
Tell him he's doing fine.
It will make his day a pleasure,
And yours a dream sublime.

Now settle back with the evening news,
And a cup of coffee in your hand.
Then think about what you did for another,
So when it's time for bed,
You will be feeling grand.

Now when you wake in the early morn.
Another day for you to spend.
Have another cup of coffee,
And offer another to a friend.

© L.M.Willson
18 Oct 2005 Used with permission.
Bro Les went home to be with the Lord
a few years ago.

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