A Heart Like Jesus - Anchored In Him

This is a thought that came to me one day.

I imagined how easy things would be if I had the heart of Jesus. 

I would be able to treat everyone nice and not become upset with 

anyone because of something that they had done to me. 

I would be more forgiving. 

Everything would be almost perfect. 

I thought about asking for a heart and mind like Jesus the next 
time that I prayed.

Then I thought about all the things that Jesus had to endure. 

I wasn't really excited about the thought of having to endure 
things like that.

It's like my pastor once said - people want deliverance from 
situations,  but they don't want to go through what it may take 
to get delivered. 

I am ashamed to say that I haven't exactly prayed for a heart 
like Jesus yet. 

Have you?

Author Unknown

  We all need to try and be more like Jesus . . .



The Old Rugged Cross
Floyd Cramer
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