Everyday I Live ~ Anchored In Him

Everyday I live I see
how great the world God made for me.
The ever changing seas and skies,
the birds and all the butterflies.
The rainbow high above the trees,
Just to think, God gave me these.
He made the rows of yellow corn,
the sunrise on a winter morn,
frosty windowpanes that glow
reflecting light upon the snow.
Spider webs outlined in dew,
the dear Lord even made these, too.
The world is full of everything
man needs to cause his heart to sing.
Every day I live I find
beauty of a different kind,
for God, it's very plain to see,
out did Himself for you and me.

Author Unknown

If God cares for birds, will He not care for His children ?

Who But God
Canaanland Boys
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