Father Help Us Not To Judge ~ Anchored In Him

Statistics state that 70% of the world is homeless, please say a prayer for those folks . . .

Forgive us Father as we walk by,
the man in the gutter with a tear in his eye!

Did we offer a prayer for that helpless man,
or pass him by, not lending a hand!

Do we pray for the teenager lost in drugs,
or judge and condemn and act so smug!

Do we sit in our pews, to worship You,
or look around and condemn a few!

Where is our heart oh Lord Most High,
that we can just pass our Brother or Sister by?

Do we pray for those who are bound for divorce?
Or ignore all signs, and follow our course.

Do we intercede for those in despair,
ruined lives, Lord do we truly care?

Where did we learn to hurt and condemn?
When Jesus taught us to love all of them!

Help us oh God, to hear the cries,
of the broken souls, open our blind eyes.

Judge not, says God nor be filled with hate,
or my Kingdom child, you will never see the Gate!

God forgive us for judging so,
when we have not walked in their shoes or know.

What life they have lived, that only You can see,
their broken spirit crying out to Thee.

Open our eyes that we can feel,
what Your eyes behold oh Lord, to us reveal!

Let your Spirit descend, on each of us,
fill us with pure devotion and in You, place our trust!

How else can we reach the down and out?
If we walk in judgment will they ever turn about?

We could be that one empty and bare,
lying on the street with no one to care!

Let us be your helping hand,
ministering God's Love in this dry, barren land!

A special thanks to Mary Ann Trott for
use of her poetry © 9 July, 2011. You
may contact May Ann by email to thank
her. God Bless you my Sister-In-Christ.

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