Fishing For Answers ~ Anchored In Him

It was just a simple question...
"How are you today?"
I ask that every time I see someone.
Most of the time I get a simple answer...

"Fine, how are you?" or

"Oh, alright" or

"Things could be better!"

Today I asked a lady and found out that she just lost her son.
She didn't tell me at first.
We did the chit chat, the "how are you?' and she said, "Alright."
I replied, "Well, I hope it gets better for you!"

"They say it will, but I can't imagine," she said softly.

"Well, get outside in this beautiful weather," I said.

"I'm going fishing on Saturday," she replied, indicating a local state park.

"I went last Saturday and stayed on the lake in my kayak from 11:00 until 6:00."

I was impressed.

"My son loved to fish there," she said.
Without a pause and quite matter-of-fact she added, "I lost him in March."

I didn't ask how, I didn't probe.
I offered my prayers.

She goes fishing for her son.
Fishing for answers.
Answers she will never find.

"I'll see you in my prayers," I said as she left the room.

Afterwards I then went to a local restaurant for a little breakfast.

In the booth next to me I heard a very heated discussion
between an older man and his wife.

It was about their son.

He was angry. They had issues.
Issues that needed answers. Answers he will never find.

I wanted to say to them, "But he's alive."
It was none of my business.

As I stood up to pay for my meal, I silently said,
"I'll see you in my prayers."

Who do you have "issues" with today?

Stop dealing with the "why" of the past and begin anew with the "What" you can do to move on to better days. They are alive.

The memory of one son streamed down her cheek and all she wanted were answers. The truth is, the only answer that would satisfy her would be that he was not dead, but he was just at the lake fishing.

The reality of another son was they had issues with him.

He was alive.

Maybe his parents should take him fishing while they can.
"I wish you enough!" J Bob Perks

Used with permission © 2012 Bob Perks.
"I Wish You Enough!" © 2001.
A special thanks to Bob Perks for use of his writings.

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