The Forgotten One ~ Anchored In Him

Mommy I am the one you left behind
The only one you thought would ruin you life
I only wanted to see your face, know and love you
And I didn't mean to cause you any strife

I look down from Heaven now
And I can see you smile
I see you holding and kissing
Another baby all the while

I looked down Easter morning
And I saw the pretty colored eggs
I saw my brother and sister playing
Did you miss your forgotten one at play?

I saw my brother in his little suit
With the pretty blue bow-tie
He looks a lot like I would look
If you hadn't made me die

When you teach them fairy tales
And teach them how to sing
Do you think of your forgotten child
The one with angel wings?

Yes, Mommy, I am still a soul
Just not on earth you see
My soul is back in Heaven
And I'm playing at Jesus' knee

A special thanks to our
Sister-In-Christ Jene Lind
for use of your beautiful
poetry Jene Lind
God Bless you.

The message of this poem is simple,
that deals with abortion. At the time
of conception, life begins ! ! ! As
God loving Christians we should and
must take a pro life stance. Abortion
is the easy way out. How sad that
adults make decisions such as this
that will haunt them the rest of their
life. The music you are listening to
is called Hope, I say no  more.

Decsion without prayer will haunt you the rest of your life ! ! !