Blessed By The Fork In The Road ~ Anchored In Him

There are times in life when we're traveling along
in the plans as we thought them to be.

All the while God knows there is change up ahead
in the future He already sees.

And then we arrive at that unexpected place
where we realize we must choose left or right;
like a fork in the road going opposite directions
as different as day is to night.

We pray and press through, while seeking God's wisdom
to discern the right path to take;
knowing God cares about the changes trials
and every decision we make.

As hard is it is . . . we make our choice
and start moving in a pathway that's new;
gathering our courage . . . moving forward in faith
for the thing we're committed to do.

Then, little by little, we start to adjust
as we see God as sovereign and sweet.

For He never abandons the ones who love Him
and bring all their cares to His feet.

And we come to see the decision we made
not as something to shake up our plans,
because we see God working in a different arena
doing things as only He can.

Time becomes a treasure . . . His peace becomes our pleasure
as His Spirit takes the weight of our load.

Life's a great journey and God gets all the glory
when we're blessed by the fork in the road.


      A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ Sheila Gosney
      for the use of her © poetry. You may visit
 her site Shelia Gosney's Home Page
      to thank her or read more of her
      poetry. God bless you
      my Sister-In-Christ.

The first step to receiving abundant life in Christ is to admit that we need it . . .





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