Forsaken Paths ~ Anchored In Him

The heart of Jesus must be broken
when He beholds sin all across this land
as countries forsake the name of the Lord
choosing not to hold to God's righteous, loving hand.

Our nation and others have strayed from the Lord
forsaking many truths of God's Word
choosing to give rights that are wrong
according to God's Word, these rights are absurd.

It's a sad day for any county
when it accepts what God calls an abomination
yet, many choose to elect men into office who
endorse things that are sinful, all across our nation.

When innocent blood is shed
and called part of a woman's rights
we see a land who has strayed from truth
into the darkness of the very blackest night.

While sin continues to run rampant
as men and politicians cheat and lie
there are souls all around who are dying
can we not hear their silent cries?

There is only one way to the Lord
this way is narrow and straight
only one path leads to glory
and to the heavenly gates.

Forsaken paths are left behind
as a nation chooses its own ways
not realizing God has only one plan
from which they have gone astray.

The way once walked in by saints of old
has now been compromised judgments
fall upon the land, as people wonder why
but, should we really be surprised?

There will come a day when every knee shall bow
every tongue will confess Jesus Christ
but, on that day it will be too late for some,
will you call upon His holy name now?

One day it will be too late
we'll hear the last trump of our God,
will He find you've stood for what is good and the
right in this land which we now trod?

There'll be no more time to consider our ways
on that great judgment day
our nation needs to return to the Lord
while there is still time to call on Him and pray.

United means being as one with God,
not just with one another
agreeing with His godly ways
not those of sin, or straying even further.

We need to choose the ways of right,
forsaking things the Word of God declares is wrong
and only then can we have the blessed assurance
of living with God forever, in His heavenly home.

Remind us Lord, of where you brought us from
and let us realize where we could have been
had you not reached down
and saved our souls from sin.

Let us always follow you in paths of right
until we receive our eternal reward for its not
about what or who we know on earth in this life,
it's all about knowing God, and abiding in the Lord.

A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ
Jo Ann Kelly for this from her heart poem.
Used with permission © 2014/2008. You may
contact her via email to thank her.
God Bless you my friend.

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As you look at the cross and the
hands it symbolizes that without
Gods hands we cannot enter into
Heaven without the cross.
Jesus died upon the cross so
that we have a way to God.
Only through Jesus Christ can
we enter into the Kingdom of

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