The Garden Paths ~ Anchored In Him

The Beauty of Nature, oh serene,
As along the path I stroll,
Birds singing sweet melodies,
that truly touch my soul. 

I sit to rest upon the grass,
I take in such delight.
My God, what wonders you create,
How majestic in my sight. 

O God of wonder, God of might,
Your earth is filled with flare!
I sit and ponder at what I see,
As thru all nature You declare! 

I gaze around with pure delight
Your wonders to behold,
The sky so blue, trees so green,
As mysteries you unfold! 

Streams of Living water flow,
As they rise inside of me,
You have stilled and quieted my soul,
Lifted burdens, set me free! 

You captured my heart, once more my God,
By the beauties that I see,
Each time I walk the garden paths,
Where I stroll along with Thee! 

A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ Mary Ann Trott for
use of her poetry © June 3, 2009. You may contact
Mary Ann to thank her.

Creation's design points to the Master Designer . . .




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