A Place To Pray Is Where You Are - Anchored In Him

If church is where you would like to be,
When you think no other place will do.
When you want to talk to God,
And you want Him to speak to you.

He speaks to you in many ways,
But we are those who never listen.
We hear only what we want to hear,
But never want to make a transition.

We want to wait for time to pass,
That's said - will heal all wounds.
So we keep on doing things our way,
Then crawl into our cocoons.

God, we know is every where,
No matter where we be.
He is listening when we least expect,
And we do nothing He can't see.

We are all God's children,
Even though we go astray.
He answers every prayer we offer,
But His answer isn't always our way.

He welcomes us back into the fold,
With open arms He'll beckon,
And forgive us all our transgressions,
Only when we come to Him to reckon.

Now bless me Lord in my confession,
So that I remember all I've done,
To drive the nails more deeply,
Into the hands of Thy Loving Son.

Forgive me Lord a sinner,
And shine Your Grace on me,
That in these poems I have written,
They'll spark a light in other sinners,
To bring them back to Thee.

By L.M. Willson
 © September 20, 2004
A special thanks to Brother Les
for this heart felt poem.
Bro Les went home to be
with the Lord a few years ago.

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