Good Night Jesus ~ Anchored In Him


I woke up this morning to see the rising sun
The birds were singing in the trees . . . God made every one
I looked up to the Heavens and thanked Him for a new day
Then dressed and ate my breakfast so I could go and play

As I walked to the bus stop I saw a rabbit hop
It must have wanted to run a race for it didn't stop
But I thanked Jesus for letting me see him run
I think He makes little creatures just to give me fun

I thanked Him for my mom and dad, Oh, I love them so
   They give me so much love and joy. . . just wanted You to know
   And I thanked Jesus, for my brother and sister, too
   It is through them, that His love shines through

I know He makes the sunshine, the rolling rivers, too
And when the day is o'er He kisses the grass with dew
Yes, My friend Jesus walks with me, and talks with me
Goodnight . . . Jesus, Thanks for the day, it's time for me to sleep.

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Poetry by
Jene' Lind Jan 30, 2004
You may email Jene' and
thank her for this beautiful
poetry. God Bless you my

God give me the faith of a little child ! ! !



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