Grace So Devine ~ Anchored In Him

Grace so divine saved this sinful soul of mine
When I was lost and undone without God,
We had all sinned and were lost without hope,
Until God sent His only begotten Son, in this land we now trod.

His grace so divine changed our life
God's love was so great, He sent the very best,
Jesus delivered us from sin and strife,
He gave us love, joy, and peace, when our sins we confessed.

There is no other gift which can give sight to the blind
No other gift but salvation can give everlasting life,
Only the love of a Savior so loving and kind,
Can reach down and take away sin and strife.

Grace so divine will stand the test of time
His grace is unconditional for all men,
If you don't know Him, call on His name today,
Jesus will give you grace and be your Dearest Friend.

A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ Jo Ann Kelly
for the use of her poetry © 2007, 2005. You may visit
her site J. P.'s Inspirations to thank her or
read more of her poetry. God bless you
my Sister-In-Christ.

Life's biggest decision is what do you do with Jesus ! ! !








Saved By Grace
The McGruders
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