Worship ~ Anchored In Him

In this old county church you will find
A place of peace for your troubled mind
Enter this church without any fear
God will know you need Him near.

Within these walls you hear the sound
Of lovely music echoing all around
And soft voices as they worship in prayer
In your heart you feel God is there.

God knows you and does understand
Reach out and take His hand
No matter what your past has been
With loving grace He will forgive your sin.

Feel free to worship God and always believe
Many blessings from Him you will receive
God's mercy will never fail
His love for you will always prevail.

A special thanks to Glenna M. Baugh
for use of her poetry © July 2010.
Glenna went home to be with the Lord a
few years ago, but her writings still inspire
all. Glenna published her writings Living by Faith,
you may purchase a copy from the above link.

"Have faith in God and believe,
Joy and peace you will receive."
Quote by Glenna

Friends many a tear have been shed
as one sings or listens to this song.
Listen to the words carefully, oh the water
and blood that flowed from our Saviors side
to restore us is precious. If you don't know
Jesus Christ as your personal Savior it is
not to late. Is He knocking on your hearts door?
Let Him in, it will be the best decision you
ever made. You see the Rock of Ages never fails
or falters.

We have nothing to fear if we stay close to the Rock of Ages ! ! !

 Rock of Ages
Reggie Smith-Joy Gardner-Steven Hill-Vestal Goodman
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