Have You A Heart That Is Heavy? ~ Anchored In Him



Have you a heart that is heavy
cumbered with a load of care?
You can take your burdens to the Savior
bring them to the cross, and leave them there. 

Jesus stands ready to receive them
as He calls those who are heavy laden,
You'll find His yoke is easy and burden is light,
at the foot of the cross, there will be no waiting. 

The moment you call on the Savior
He hears and will answer your plea,
by faith in His holy name, there is mercy,
forgiveness that saves and sets souls free. 

If the problems of life seem too heavy
and no one seems to understand,
there is one who knows all about it,
You'll find Jesus is your dearest Friend.

Blessings In Christ,

A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ Jo Ann Kelly
for the use of her poetry © July 2005. God bless you
my Sister-In-Christ.

If the troubled world gets you down, look up to Jesus ! ! !






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