Have You Made Your Reservation? ~ Anchored In Him

Have you made your reservation
for a home in glory land?
Do you have your ticket
purchased by the blood of God's perfect Lamb?

Have you accepted God's free gift,
do you have assurance in your heart,
do you know Jesus has forgiven your sins
to give you a brand new start?

Have you let the blood of Jesus
wash away your sins,
make you pure and white
as you touch His nail scarred hands?

We must make our reservations
while in this land we stand,
if we plan to live in heavenly mansions
over in heaven's glory land.

Jesus must be welcomed
when He knocks at our heart's door,
if we plan to enter heaven's gates
over on those golden shores.

If we let the Savior abide within
making Him Lord of all,
then our reservation will be secure,
when we answer life's final call.

We don't have to worry
about the price or entry fee,
for the mansions prepared in heaven
for a child of God, are free.

Jesus paid the cost
when He shed His precious blood
all because of His great love,
that we might have a home above.

So hold on to the Savior
as He leads you along life's way,
we'll claim our inheritance
on that blessed and glorious day.

We'll enter in with joy
to abide forever with the Lord.
Won't it be wonderful on that day,
when we receive our final reward?

A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ
Jo Ann Kelly for the use of her poetry © 2006.
God bless you my Sister-In-Christ.

My friends if you did not notice on the
very center of the top picture in the map
is a pair of hands holding a Holy Bible.
You can not chart your course to heaven
without that Book! It is our map, the one
and only map for us to use . . .

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Our unknown future is safe in the hands of the all-knowing God . . .

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