The Road Map ~ Anchored In Him

Every night when I lie in bed
I talk to GOD in my way,
I thank HIM for HIS blessings;
But especially for today.

Many years have now gone past,
Since I was first struck down.
I've wondered why I made it through,
And why I'm still around.

I've never questioned why it was
Or what HE had me do.
I only know there is a plan,
And I will see it through.

They say we're given mountains,
That we must always climb.
But He'll never give you a problem
That can't be solved with time.

Just look at every setback,
As a test of HIS true love.
And know that HE is always there,
Watching from above.

You may not get the answer,
That you were praying for.
But you can find your way out,
By just looking for the door.

For when that door is opened;
And GOD'S love fills up your heart.
Then you will know what true love is,
And you'll never more depart.

Remember, you are special,
Just follow all HIS signs.
Go travel life's long highway
Always stay between the lines.

Joe Pielmeier Sr. ~ 1985 ~
To request use of Mr. Pielmeier Sr.'s
poetry please email Joe's granddaughter
Heather. A special thanks to the family
for use of Joe's poetry, God Bless

God speaks to those who are quiet before Him . . .


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