Heaven For Me ~ Anchored In Him


I have read in Gods Holy Bible, of a city nestled near a crystal sea.
A place I have never seen, but where I long to be.
Walls of jasper, gates of pearl, and streets of pure gold,
heavens wondrous sights, our eyes shall one day behold. 

Just to see loved ones that have gone on
oh what joy that will be ! ! !
But the presence of Jesus is what will make Heaven,
"Heaven For Me"

Angels without number, will continually sing,
praises to the Lord our King.
Roses will bloom forever, they will never fade away.
There will be no night for the Son is the Light, in that city of endless day.

Oh how wonderful will be the marriage supper of the Lamb,
where we shall sit down and sup with the great I am
and the presence of Jesus will make Heaven,
"Heaven For Me"

Peace and joy will reign and there will be no pain,
when we gather on that heavenly strand.
There will be no sickness nor death or gasping for last breath
and no graves, will mar that wondrous land.

We will live there for ever and ever, and never grow old
in that great homeland for the soul,
and the presence of Jesus, that makes Heaven,
"Heaven For Me"

Beautiful mansions, like we've never seen before
golden crowns and oh so much more.
Heaven with all its splendor would be just a beautiful place
without Jesus and His loving embrace.

But He has made this promise that, where He is
His children will always be.
And the presence of Jesus, that makes Heaven,  
"Heaven For Me"

A special thanks to Edith Forbes
for use of her © poetry. God Bless
you my Sister-In-Christ.

You must accept God's Son today if you want to live in Heaven's sunshine tomorrow ! ! !








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