He Cares For Us ~ Anchored In Him


When trials come my way,
I don't know what to do.
I try to carry the burden alone.
I find myself overwhelmed, worried . . .
My problems loom before me like an ominous cloud.
I turn to run . . . and I fall
at the feet of my Savior.
I cry to the Lord and share my cares with Him.
A tear slips down His face.
He knows how I feel,
for He has carried the biggest burden of alló
the sins of the entire world.
That is when His hands,
scarred by the load of the sin He bore,
pick me up, and carry me.
His grace washes over me like a wave of the ocean,
and I feel secure knowing that my God
is holding my hand throughout these trying times.
We wade together through waters of suffering, pain, and hopelessness.
His grace continues to sustain me
as I face each new ordeal.
Finally, the darkness ceases
and the light of hope and joy floods my soul.
I look at my Savior, eyes brimming with tears,
in profound gratitude for the comfort
I have found in His presence.
He then turns to me with sad eyes and says,
"My child, there will be other times of testing,
but I will not forsake you.
No trial you face is unknown to Me,
and each burden you bear is not beyond My control.
Always remember that nothing can happen to you
without passing through My hands."

Written for a family friend diagnosed with
cancer by Andrea Crompton ©2003, age 15.
Used by permission, you may email
Andrea and thank her.

When God permits trials, He also provides comfort . . .

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