Help Us Never Give Up ~ Anchored In Him


Lord I sit in silent prayer,
lifting up loved ones everywhere.
Father help me not lose hope,
so much of this is beyond my scope!

Help me not give up on them,
give me strength to trust again,
Lead me on and help me stand,
or dear Lord, I am on sinking sand!

Their is no interest in things of God,
I once was there, but no longer trod,
You love them more then any man,
Father help them understand!

Help them find the road to You,
fill their soul and make all things new.
You gave life to them as You did me,
Lord help them, set them free.

Help me rise above the view,
not give up as satan wants me to.
We walk by faith and not by sight,
help me Lord never give up the fight.

You died for them as you did for me,
Father God, help them see.
The end is near, they are lost,
and you Dear Jesus, paid such a cost.

The battle belongs to you oh God,
You walked this earth, many miles trod,
You gave your life for all mankind,
Help them Father not to be so blind.

The Cross upon which You died,
shed Your blood and was crucified,
has not lost its power to save man,
oh Father, please do all You can.

You know their hearts,
You love them so,
don't let them fall,
to the depths below.

Help me be a light to them,
remove from me every selfish whim,
fill me with Your Spirit Lord,
to be in ones flesh, such cannot afford!

Give us courage to live the life,
and pay the price You sacrificed.
Draw us to You and fill our hearts,
from Your ways, let us never depart!

God have mercy on their souls,
sin has taken such a toll.
You promised, nothing is too difficult for You,
I am hanging on Your Word, so true!

A special thanks to Mary Ann Trott
for use of her poetry © 13 January 2013.
You may email Mary Ann to thank her,
God bless you my Sister-In-Christ.

We pray not to obtain our will in heaven, but to effect God's will here on earth . . .

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