He Sent An Answer - Anchored In Him"

I saw a mother one cold winter night
Sitting at her window by candle light
She seemed so alone as she read from a book
she had in her lap . . . I just had to look

The book, a bible with many a page tear stained and worn
Some even looked like they had been torn
For this mother, it sustained the life of her child
She sent him with love, to a war for awhile

She prays by the window and sheds many a tear
But remembers the Lord said, "My child never fear"
She knows He's beside her and her son
He would never turn His back on anyone

He sent the answer to life for us all
The bible, His Holy Word tells us all
That He has a purpose and we must believe
And someday, our souls He will retrieve

Yes, He sent the answer to live day by day
And this lonely mother just has to pray
And she will feel God's gentle arms wrap 'round
Because she knows . . . it's in this book that answers are found

Jene' Lind 
© May 24, 2005
A special thanks to Jene, our
Sister-In-Christ for this heart
felt poem. You may email Jene
thank her. God Bless you.

Open your bible prayerfully; read it carefully; obey it joyfully . . .










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