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Did you know that the Holy Bible has been translated into more languages and read by people in more countries than any other book?

The Holy Bible is the written word of God.
When you read the Bible, it is God himself speaking to you.
Listen, can you hear Him?
His Word is full of our history.
Our future is foretold here also.
It contains instructions for a healthy life.
It contains instructions on how to raise,
teach and discipline your children.
It contains instructions on how to have a
lifetime of happiness and a loving marriage.
It tells us how to deal with others, disappointments,
trials, struggles of life and with heartache and pain,
both physically and mentally.
It tells us that we are loved and gives us a promise
of life eternal. All you have to do is accept in faith the promised
gift of everlasting life in Jesus Christ, the only Son of God.

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The Bible is God's prescription for the health of our soul ! ! !

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