How To Have Great Peace - Anchored In Him





Is your mind troubled beneath
the weight of heavy burdens you bear?
Do you sometimes feel all alone 
with no one there to really care?

There is One who loves you 
who walks by your side,
in his arms you can find peace
in Him you can safely abide.

Reach out unto the Savior 
He's as close as the mention of His holy name
once you have called upon the Lord
you will never be the same,

He will forgive your sins 
He alone makes all things new,
Jesus is the One who is always faithful, 
He's always loving, kind, and true.

If you need peace within your heart 
or true joy within your life
let Jesus take your heavy burdens
remove your burdens, sin, and strife,

As you lean upon the Savior, 
He will give you great peace and love,
you can have true rest in the Lord
as you look to God's salvation from above.

A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ,
Jo Ann Kelly for use of her © 2007, 2004 poetry.

Dedicated to Pastor Lennie Himes and his family, they hold a very special place in Linda and my heart as well as our life. God Bless my Brother-In-Christ, may He keep His hand upon you.

Our afflictions are designed to break us but to bring us to God . . .






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