In His Hands ~ Anchored In Him

There were one pair of hands
that were nailed to Calvary's rugged tree,
the hands of our Blessed Savior,
who died to set the vilest sinner free.

One pair of hands
gave us God's amazing grace
one pair of hands of a perfect sacrifice
who laid down His life, for every tribe and race.

One pair of hands still fold in prayer
as they intercede to the Father for our needs
one pair of hands can be trusted
as our hope, and to supply our every need.

Hold on to those hands so precious
the hands that touched the sick and blind
hands that worked miracles and healed infirmities
hands so loving, gentle, and kind.

His hands are strong, with all power and might
to reach out in love, when on His name we call,
for the hands are those of the Master
who is Savior and Lord over all.

The scars in His hands will be reminders
when we see Him on that grand and glorious day,
of the high price paid for our salvation
that we might have eternal life, in the gospel way.

The reminder is engraved in His palms
He remembers and calls us by name,
for once we've taken hold of the Savior's hands,
our life will never be the same.

In His hands, we are safe
we have assurance the world cannot take away,
In His hands, we can remain secure in His love,
until that great homecoming day.

A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ Jo Ann Kelly
for the use of her poetry © Feb 2010.
God bless you my

None of us deserves God's love, but He sent His only Son to die for our sins . . . Aren't you thankful ? ? ?





Gene Watson
Before The Hammers Could Ring
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