Is There A Living God? - Anchored In Him

"For whoever would come near to God must believe that 
God exists and that He is the rewarded of those 
who earnestly and diligently seek Him." Hebr.11:6 

Is There A Living God That Exists?
On the third day of November 1944 a small baby girl was born in a 
town in Africa. (Pardon me, but I must be evasive about the specific country) Her 
whole family was born again children of God. (Fanatics, most people would say) Never 
did they leave home, not even to  quickly go to town without pleading the Blood of Jesus
as protection upon them. Now that's really going to far, one could easily say, but
that was their way of living. Jesus was very welcome in their home as her parents
walked with the Lord, and  their whole live was fashioned to 
please the only living God through Jesus Christ. 

When Eunice Swanepoel was nine years of age, she was contracted 
with Polio which left her completely paralyzed from her waist down. 
But she grew up as a lovely young girl with a beautiful voice. Hanes 
Kaalsen saw her beauty and decided that this was to be his wife. They 
got married and as their parents they also served Jesus Christ with all 
their hearts. Doctors said that she could never have children as her spine 
is severely bent which could result in being not able to give birth. But 
they have three beautiful children. Eunice is a very lively person with 
a cheerful character. People who suffer with depression comes to her
 for help.  I know all these things for she is my best and only friend. 

Now what on earth has that got to do with whether God 
exists or not? could one say, Oh!! but here comes the best part. 

Eunice phoned me one day some time ago and said that she would 
phone me about eight o'clock that night when they will be at home a 
hour and a half's drive from where they were. Time passed by and 
she didn't phone. I really got worried. It was about eleven that night 
that she called and told me this most terrifying but also wonderful story.
------While driving in their Kombi from the city to the town 
where they lived, they were talking about the love of God and His 
faithfulness. Suddenly a car pushed them off the road and forced 
them to stop. Five men climbed out of the car and they were heavily 
armed with AK47 rifles. Hannes's first thought was. "My wife is 
paralyzed. I have to protect her." He held the steering wheel with all 
his might, but they hit him over the head and for a split second he 
was unconscious. They threw him in the back of the Kombi, and one of 
the high jackers climbed in behind the steering wheel. 

Eunice held on her lap a little Yorkshire terrier Now Ludwig, is a 
very aggressive doggy and will surely tackle a Rotweiller without any 
fear, and any stranger he will surely bite. He even bit me once or 
twice. "Strangely", that night he wasn't aggressive at all. He didn't 
make a sound.----The high jackers held guns against their heads and 
one of them kept on saying "Shoot him, shoot him!!" But not a shot 
was heard. Suddenly they turned off on a dirt road in the field, leading 
to nowhere in the dark..........What I didn't mention was that all the 
time Eunice was talking to them and God made her totally calm. 
A supernatural calmness came over her. In the dark of the 
night they stopped. The men through Hannes out, but when the 
criminal opened Eunice's door and she looked right 
into the barrel of the rifle and it 
came so natural for her to say out loud "The Blood of Jesus!!!!" 
Oh what power there is in the Blood of Jesus!!!!! The man was 
startled.  She ordered him to put his rifle down. Eunice commanded 
him to first take out her wheelchair. That he did very obediently. 
"Open it!" she said, and he obeyed. 
Then she ordered him to gently put her in the wheelchair. 
He supported her legs very carefully and put her in the wheelchair. 
Now she ordered him to give her doggy. 
He took a torch and sought for Ludwig and again amazingly the little 
terrier allowed him to hand him over to her.
As if they were her servants they obeyed in fear. 
Yes!! For sure, the fear of the only living God fell on them, because 
they touched the apple of His Eye! 

So leaving them right there they climbed into the Kombi and shouted 
that Hannes and Eunice must not look back and must close their eyes......
Well, they stole the Kombi but the born again children of 
God wasn't hurt by any means. God has protected them. 
Hasn't He said 
"But the very hairs on your heads are numbered." 
(Matthew 10:30) ---- 
Listen to me dear reader. This type of behavior never happens in 
Africa and I guess all over the world. Criminals kill, they murder, they 
rape, and do the most terrible things that I don't even want to mention 
but never, never, do they act so strangely. 
One Newspaper stated that is was "thoughtful, considerate 
and polite criminals."  LOL. 
Hannes and Eunice walked to the main road and people picked 
them up and took them home. Eleven o'clock she phoned and I 
heard this incredible story. 

Is Jesus the King of your heart dear reader? Are you born again into 
the family of God? Well I can tell you it is wonderful to know Jesus 
Christ as my personal Savior. I serve Him since age 13 and I am now 52.  
God didn't make us to be robots. No he gave us our own free will to choose. 
You can choose to reject Jesus and go to Hell. It will break 
His heart though for He already paid for your sins on Calvary's Cross. 
But praise God, you can choose to accept Jesus Christ as your 
personal Savior and spend eternity with Him in Heaven. Jesus Christ, Heaven, 
Hell, and salvation is not another lie or a story. It is the truth 
and the only truth. I pray that you will choose Jesus as He loved you 
so much that He gave His life for you and died for you to take your 
punishment for your sins upon Him. 
May the Lord bless this true testimony to your heart.

 Wilna Lubbe
Used with permission 2002.

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If you believe that Jesus lives, you don't need to fear death . . .

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