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"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosever believeth in Him should not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16

I want forgiveness.

Oh, I have it from God. The Bible tells me so.

I want YOU to forgive me.

You who stuck your hand out and begged for a few coins and sadly watched as I looked the other way and walked quickly passed you.

You who walked pride fully down the street of my town with a bright red and yellow Mohawk hair cut and caused me to look down in disdain.

You who walked shirtless hand in hand down the street - with someone of the same sex - and raised my ire to a ridiculous level.

You, the white woman who embraced your black husband in the Mall, and caused me to feel nauseous.

You, the Caucasian girl who pushed a baby carriage with twin black daughters around the grocery store and flinched a little when I rolled my eyes in disgust.

You, the man who hastened to cover the horrific scar from a war which left your face mutilated, as our eyes met and I quickly looked away.

You, the elderly man whose clothes were torn and tattered and filthy as you longed for a simple touch, but met a scornful look instead as I turned away.

You, the young woman whose obesity could not be covered even by a massive toutou, as you smiled at me only to be looked down on as I hurried passed you to join friends.

I want forgiveness. I do not deserve it; but I crave it enough to never be found in those situations again.

Somehow we all too often quote John 3:16, then walk away forgetting that it covers us ALL. God gave His Son, not just for the elite; not just for the clean and pretty; not for unlovely - but read it again. The word I want you to see is "whosoever".

That kind of deep love is not only for me.

It is for all.

We call ourselves Christians. Perhaps we hide behind that precious moniker. Perhaps it would be to our advantage to call ourselves "Christ like". Then, we would be held to a higher calling for then we would be called upon to REALLY love ALL.

Even as God did.

As the web servant I am guilty of some of the above
and I had to do some soul searching! If this page has
touched your heart and caused you to do some soul
searching please pass it along. We never know who
or how it will touch another persons heart.

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