Jesus Came In A Dream ~ Anchored In Him

There other night as I lay sleeping
I had a dream... it was of God
I dreamed I died, and went to Heaven
And on those golden streets I trod

He walked beside me
And told me stories,
Stories about the Crystal Sea
He told me how He sent us Jesus
To die for us...on Calvary

He shared with me
The old, old story
And let me hear the angel choir
He told me that He had a mansion
He had chosen just for me

So when I woke, I began praying
I asked my Lord to comfort me
I asked if He would grant my pardon
So I could walk those golden streets

He shared with me
The old old story
And let me know salvation's free
But only if I accept my Jesus
Because He paid the price for me.


Used with permission 1 Jul 2006,
a special thanks to Jene Lind.
God Bless you my Sister-In-Christ.
You may contact Jene by email
to thank her for sharing her talents.

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