Jesus Is The Only Way - Anchored In Him


In this life we will face many challenges
Alone they are hard to overcome
Christ Jesus is the only way to rise above
And overcome them with and attitude of love.

No matter how hopeless things appear
Jesus is waiting with open ears
Remember prayer is the way to start
And He is the key to open your heart.

Jesus sees our heart and does understand
Reach out and take hold of his hand
Ask Him in faith, trust and believe
And many blessings you will receive.

Do not let pride keep you from accepting Jesus today
Have faith and the darkness will slip away
Jesus is the only way as your Savior and Lord
Eternity with Him is your reward.

Used with permission a special thanks to
our Sister-In-Christ Glenna M. Baugh © 2010.
You may contact Glenna's husband by email
Glenna went home to be with the Lord
a few years ago. Also she had published
a book Living By Faith in Nov 2007. 

To meet all challenges in the world today
Christ Jesus is the only way.
Quote by Glenna

Sin is the disease, Christ is the cure . . .






Softly and Tenderly
Connie Smith
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