The Joy In Me ~ Anchored In Him



If you ever want to see the very simple joy in me, 
look at my smile and sparkle in my eyes,
the love in my heart which at times makes me cry. 

You'll see God in my soul and peace in my spirit,
the love for my family and blessings that don't quit. 
Jesus is the reason I do what I do, sharing my faith
sincere and true which I share with each of you. 

Even when the Lord comes to take me home
I will not ever leave you alone. 

The seeds I planted will continue to grow
somehow this will show the love of God He
will bestow and all this you will see from
the simple joy found in me.

A special thanks to Mary Deases Peralez,
God Bless you my Sister-In-Christ.
You may contact Mary by email to
thank her for sharing her talents.

. . .I have lived in all good conscience before God until this day - - Acts 23:1


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