Just Another Mountain To Climb ~ Anchored In Him













Life is hard, but we have almost made it through.
Just another mountain to climb is what we'll do.
Life was tough most all the way, but we'll get there.
We'll be on our knees, talking to God in Prayer.

Many hills and roads with forks; for our path.
However, Jesus showed us the way, fowling Satan's wrath.
We will be there soon now; surely no doubt.
Climbing that old mountain, is what it's all about.

Do works for our sweet Lord, each day.
Be kind and good to our neighbors; kneel and pray.
Look for His soon appearing, it won't be long,
Praying to Jesus that soon, we'll all be, going home.

Let hearts listen to His calling; be on the right track.
He will know us by our works friends; that is a fact.
I want to hear the angels singing; Jesus lives,
All who love Him, their sins He gladly forgives.

Just another mountain to climb; it won't take long,
When in our hearts we go to Him in prayer and song.
Let us stamp out the works of Satan, all over our land.
Let us listen to the Master, guiding His angels' band.

A special thanks to Pearlie Duncan Walker
for use of her poetry © September 29, 2007.
You may contact her by email to thank her,
God Bless you my Sister-In-Christ.


If you are convinced that God is for you, it doesn't matter who is against you ! ! !


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