My Heart Belongs To Jesus ~ Anchored In Him

My heart belongs to Jesus.
One day I gave it all to Him.
He knocked with such love and compassion
I opened my heart's door and let Him in.

I wondered why I had waited
for so very long to yield.
For He lovingly took my heart; He cleansed it,
gave me His gift of salvation and seal.

Old sins were all washed away by His blood
replaced and filled with true peace and joy.
The fellowship of life's dearest Friend was mine
that no one can ever take away or destroy.

Now He guides me as we walk together
all along life's narrow path
I'm living free from all condemnation
and from His soon coming wrath.

Does your heart belong to Jesus
who died to give you eternal life and love?
You can receive Him this very day
just look up to the Savior above.

Trust in Him completely repent and confess your sins,
for the best life awaits all those who trust Him as their Savior, Lord and Friend.

My friends if you do not know or understand the love
of God the Holy Bible in John 3: 16 explains God's love for mankind. Want to know more about God's love? Email us
and we will show you from the Holy Bible how you can have eternal life with Him.

A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ Jo Ann Kelly for use of her poetry ©2018, you may contact Jo Ann by email to thank her for use of her from the heart poetry. God bless my Sister-In-Christ. Blessings from J. P.'s Inspirations

Christ's death and resurrection are the measure of God's love for us . . .

Oh, How I Love Jesus
Jimmy Swaggart
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