When You Stand Before The Lord ~ Anchored In Him



The day will soon be coming
To stand before the Lord
God will hold the Book of Life
Where all the names are stored.

Look into the Saviour’s face
Stand on holy ground
Kneel before the King of Kings 
Pray your name is found.

The time is nigh, it’s drawing near
Tis’ closer than you think
Eternal life with God above
You’ll either rise or sink.

God doesn’t care ‘bout bank accounts
Or gems of pearl and jade
Your style of home, the car you drive
The money that you’ve made.

He’s not concerned with age or height
The color of your hair
The number of the friends you have
The brand of clothes you wear.

He’ll ask you if you spoke His name
Thought of Him each day
Knew He gave His life for you
Took the time to pray.

He’ll know about your closest friends
About the books you’ve read
The kind of thoughts that filled your mind
On what your spirit fed.

He’ll take a look inside your soul
He’ll go beyond your pride
Your sins will be as crimson red
There’s nothing you can hide.

For once you’ve stood before the Lord
He’ll see through every crack
And if you were to die today
There is no turning back.

You’ll gaze into His crystal eyes
He knows the things you did
There’s nothing you can keep from Him
Your secret thoughts aren’t hid.

So before you meet the Lord
You better make it right
Start by getting on your knees
Kneel down to Him tonight.

Get rid of all your worldly ways
They’ll just lead you astray
Find time to walk with Jesus
The Truth, the Light, the Way.

I’m telling you, it’s not too late
God’s waiting up above
To add you to His Book of Life
In Heaven up above.

When your life on earth is over
He’ll take one final look
When the roll is called up yonder
Will your name be in “The Book.”

© 2004, a special thanks to our
Sister-In-Christ Marilyn Ferguson for use
of her poetry. You may view more of her
poetry by visiting Marilyn's Poetry.
Blessings await you at her site, please
sign her guest book letting her
know we sent you.

As you listen to When The Roll Is Called
Up Yonder, the question is simple. Is your
name written in The Lamb's Book Of Life? It
is never to late my friend if you do not know
Him. Join a New Testament Bible believing
and preaching church learning how to
walk with Jesus daily.
If a church is not preaching God's word
straight from the Holy Bible and you are
getting your ears tickled, you are in the
wrong church ! ! ! A feel good church can
lead you straight to hell ! ! !

The question is simple my friend, is your name written in the Book of Life ? ? ?










When The Roll is Called Up Yonder
Tennessee Ernie Ford
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