Too Late ~ Anchored In Him


Don't come to me with roses 
I don't want your flowers
Don't come to me a cryin'
You see, it's too late now

I needed you to love me
I needed you around
When life got hard and lonely
But it's too late now

You were the child I loved well
I bragged to all I knew
I told them all about you
Now they know ... it's too late now

There'll be no Christmas gathering
No "family" Thanksgiving
For I have gone to Heaven
I can't be there, it's too late now

Too late to hold a loved one 
When the cryin' heart beats no more
You tell all how you loved me
While my tear drops from me poured

Yes, I have gone to Heaven
I know and felt your pain
Your love for me is gone now
I don't care, it's now too late.

A special thanks to our
 Sister-In-Christ Jene' Lind for this
© March 6, 2010  poem, contact Jene here.
God bless you my Sister-In-Christ.

It is wise to think about the words you say, it tells the condition of what is in your heart ! ! !






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Moe Bandy
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