When Life Gets You Down ~ Anchored In Him

I thought I'd write a little note to tell you that I care,
that you are not alone, so don't pull out your hair.
When you're feeling frantic from all you're going thru,
Jesus never leaves your side, He's always there with you.

Jesus said I am with you always. I give rest unto your soul,
if you just call on Me, I will make you whole,
I know what your going thru, I'll take the worry away,
Peace I give to you, and it will always stay. 
When you feel disconnected, and trouble is everywhere,
friends turn against you, and no one seems to care,

Remember Jesus is always close by, we only need to call,
He gives you peace and strength to get you thru it all.
Remember, we are passing thru this world is not our home.
the road is filled with pitfalls, it's a strange place to roam.
With the trials and troubles, a Ray of Light shines thru,
it's Jesus Christ our Savior, waiting near for you.
Jesus will lift your spirit, and put a smile on your face,
He'll take your cares and worries to another place,
if you turn to him with your cares and your woe,
He'll open up your heart, and show the way to go.
He said just to trust Him, and our spirit will be free.
Why go thru that hassle, when you can give it all to me.
He said He'd send an angel to watch over us in our despair,
His Spirit is always with us, His Love is everywhere.
He knows when a Sparrow falls from a living tree,
He knows what's in our heart, and what will set us free,
He holds us close and comforts us, and tells us not to cry,
He shows us that He loves us, and then He tells us why,
He said this world will pass away, and all things will be new.

Please won't you trust Me, I made it all for you.
There will be no pain or sorrow, no death will enter there.
A place of joy and happiness, where Love is everywhere.
Jesus Loves you very much, His life He gave for you,
He rose again to set us free, a door we can pass through.

He whispers to your soul, He cries out your name,
if you just trust in me, I will wipe away your shame.
So when you find yourself mad as a bear,
feeling 'kinda' crazy, wanting to pull out your hair,
you don't know what to do, and couldn't really care,
Remember Jesus loves you, and He is always there.

Smile and be happy, forget your cares woe,
think about the blessings in this world below.
Look for the Light, the beauty, and the good,
turn to Jesus with it all, as you really should.
He will lift you up, and fill your heart with joy,
tell you that He loves you, peace He will deploy.
He said He'd never leave you, He always will be there,
my child I love you so, I am everywhere!

Author Unknown  

God often uses life's stops to keep us moving . . .




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