Life's Anchor ~ Anchored In Him

As I ponder on life's troubled sea
pouring out my heart on bended knee
and I meditate upon Your word,
in my heart it strikes a cord.

I once was lost to hell's domain
now redeemed by your sweet name.
You precious Jesus my eternal joy
are life's anchor in a troubled world.

When in times I'm in the valley low
you're there a better way to show.
Your mighty works of Holy Design
nothing less than goodness divine.

Leading to a mountain top experience
only in You will I find deliverance.
With me in mind before universe time
you prepared a saving way sublime.

Yes, your word lights up my path
showing the way to your river strath.
There I can drink of your eternal life
never more to endure earthly strife.

Yes, your word a lamp unto my feet
lighting the way to heavenly streets,
where no more heartache and cares
will burden my soul with snares.

Before You became my One and All,
and I had answered Your Holy call,
I was lost in certainty to eternities hell.
But now I'm bound for heaven's well.

Where springs of life waters freely flow
brisk and refreshing to my thirsty soul.
I long to embrace my Lord and God
and in His Heavenly realm to trod.

A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ Malta
for use of her poetry © August 2012.

To avoid drifting away from God, stay anchored to the Rock . . .





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