A Life Worth Living ~ Anchored In Him

When this ole mortal body grows weary
and my mind is stressed with worries 
I look to Jesus my brother for comfort
as He died for me on the cross.

When burdens weigh me down 
and soon I feel my spirit drown.
I look to Jesus my brother for strength
as He bore my burdens on the cross.

When I am deep in my darkest hours 
I search and cling to the life of bower.
I look to Jesus for my guiding light,
He alone shines through a dark night.

Then my cares and worries subside
Knowing my Lord is by my side.
I look to Jesus my brother for peace,
He will surely meet my every need. 

He knew me while I was still in the womb
and He is the Healer of my wounds. 
I humbly bow and seek His presence, 
only in Him can I find a life worth living. 

A special thanks to Malta for use of
of her poetry © May 2006.

Stand back and watch the Lord manage your mess into a glorious outcome ! ! !













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He Will Never Forsake You
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