When The Lights Went Off In Heaven - Anchored In Him





One night I thought I saw a face
In the parting of the midnight sky
The face appeared to look so sad
And I wondered the reason why

The stars had shone so brightly
As each night I had come to see
That it was the starlight of heaven,
God's way of shining on me.

He knows I always love Him
And He knows I always will
He is behind that midnight curtain
And His lights are shining still

But now we cannot worship
And tell of His love on the street
We cannot shout 'Hallelujah'
As we nod to those we meet

We cannot read the bible 
To one seated on a bench in the park
If we do, The lights of Heaven
Will be dimmed and then grow dark

For you see, MY Jesus lives there
And the stars are the lights of home
And when I tell Him, I have to hide
And pray when I am all alone

I know I'll see a teardrop on that face
In the midnight sky
He'll turn the lights out in Heaven
And I fear He will go and cry

He knows He is no longer welcome
In many a family's home
No prayers allowed in a public place
Soon all the churches will be gone

Yes, the nights of watching Heaven
And that face in the parted sky
Will become a distant memory
When He turns out Heaven's lights

A special thanks to our
Sister-In-Christ Jene Lind
for the from the heart poem.
You can contact Jene and thank
her for this lovely poem. May
God Bless you Jene.

To avoid going wrong, follow God's leading ! ! !



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