Looking To The West ~ Anchored In Him

I saw the sun flee in the west,
And so I followed with my eyes
Like puppies chasing after it
As if somehow they'd reach the sky.

With eyes attached to the horizon
I'd wait, a faithful hound bereft
Of so much happiness I cherished,
And watch the place where it had left-

But once a door has closed in life
It seldom opens any more-
Though we are often blind to it
God brings us joy through different doors-

And once again, so foolishly,
My eyes are looking to the west,
But when the sunlight taps my shoulder,
I know God's answered my request.

 A special thanks Benjamin Graber
for use of his poetry. You may contact
him or visit Finding The Secret.

To often we look for answers in the wrong direction, it should be on our knees in prayer ! ! !


Eddy Arnold
Where We'll Never Grow Old
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