Master ~ Anchored In Him

Jesus is Master of our fate, captain of our soul
He is the roaring thunder and mighty waves that roll
He is in control of the storms of life
And He watches over us in times of strife.

The Master is never obvious as He shows us the way
On the path that we all travel each day
Many times we wonder if He is there
Until we hear His soft whisper everywhere.

Never doubt for a moment that He is the Master
Believe that He will never leave us to walk alone
He knows when and where we will need Him
Trusting in Him is never wrong.

Many times we are weak and cannot stand
Stop, reach out, take hold of His hand
This is how the Master wants it to be
No one loves us as much as He.

The Master of our fate is a wonderful mystery
His judgment is wise and fair for all to see
Do not delay, accept Him into your heart today
Remember the Master promised to return one day.

Used with permission a special thanks to
our Sister-In-Christ Glenna M. Baugh © 2010.
You may contact Glenna's husband by email to thank him.
Glenna went home to be with the Lord a few years ago.
Also she published a book Living By Faith
in Nov 2007.

"Always trust the footsteps of the
Master; they will lead you to heaven"

Quote by Glenna

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