Anchored In Him ~ Dear Lord . . . I've

"Dear Lord . . . I've Seen The Light"

Dear Lord, I need a word with you if you have time to spare. I know that you're quite busy, my time is also rare. In fact, that's why I wanted to talk to you tonight. I need to explain to you that I have seen the light.

For so long I have taken for granted that you knew, my wants and my needs and my desires too. Not only that, but peace of mind and happiness I seek I'd like to be much stronger instead of being weak.

I thought that you would help me if only I believed. I waited for you, Lord, in my time of need. I'd rush to work each morning, I'd rush through lunch as well. I knew I had a lot to do; I had no time to tell You what was on my mind or what I needed now. In my haste to live my life I've forgotten to somehow make the time to spend with you and ponder who you are. I guess I've put you in the closet then forgot and closed the door.

I know this sounds so strange, but I just now realize I've done it without thinking, but now open are my eyes. How can I expect you to help me when I don't even stop to say I love you and make the time each day to you to pray?

Lord, thank you for not giving up on me, I've been so wrong and now I'm asking you to help me from now on to be strong; in remembering what I need to do and as I open the closet door I pray that you'll forgive me and that you will restore in me the values needed to be what I should be and that's to come and talk with you daily.

I thank you, Lord, for loving me enough to stick around; you said what I needed to hear yet never made a sound. But that is just your gentle way that I admire so and how I want to be some day, but have a long way to go.

I know that I will make it so long as you are near and I have nothing in this world that I will ever fear. For I have you to lean on my rock, my Lord, my all; you're there to help me up again whenever I may fall.

I thank you, Lord, for taking this time to spend with me; it's more than I deserve, I've seen the light, you see.

Author Unknown

Prayer is an open line to heaven, the line is never busy . . .

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