On The Right Track ~ Anchored In Him


A story is told about a train conductor who was taking up tickets from the passengers on a long trip. He came to the first man and after looking at his ticket said, "you're on the wrong train and will have to change trains at the next station." When he came to the next passenger, he looked at their ticket and said the same thing. After taking up more tickets and telling these they were wrong also, something finally dawned on him. He was the one who had boarded the wrong train! He was on the wrong track and not headed toward the right destination.

People can be like the conductor of the train if they do not make their calling and election sure, by letting God reveal to them the right way. We are to walk in the right path, which God leads us on, and not forsake His ways.

The Lord has come to seek and to save those who are lost. All men are only a step away from Him, and also one heartbeat. If they will turn around in repentance, they will find His loving arms there, waiting to welcome them into the family of God.

Let us make sure to examine our own hearts and make sure we are in the faith delivered to the saints of the Bible. There is a way that may seem right to men, but the end thereof will be the way of death, if not God's way. There is only one path leading to glory and it is straight and narrow. 

We give thanks for God's Word and His Holy Spirit which leads, guides, and directs us, as we trust in the Lord with all our heart. In all our ways, He will direct our paths as we acknowledge Him. All glory is due our Lord and Savior, for He is our Conductor of life's railway to heaven. If we are on the right track, we are heaven bound, our reservation has been made and our ticket has been paid. It has been signed with the blood of Jesus, freely given, by God's grace which is still amazing.

A special thanks to Jo Ann Kelly for use
of her poetry © 2009, 2007.
God Bless you my Sister-In-Christ.

In the beginning we make our habits; in the end our habits make us . . .





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