Another Year ~ Anchored In Him


Oh my darling it has been another year
since war has brought us apart
and there is always a constant fear
that you may not return here.

No matter what, our love is never far apart
because it lives within our hearts
the oceans may separate us now
and with God's love in our hearts
we will never be apart.

The children often ask as to the why you are gone
and if you are with friends or are all alone
I tell them that you have gone off to war and with
Jesus by your side and you will never be alone.

As our wedding anniversary nears we know that
with God in our marriage our love will never part
because He lives within our hearts
and from us He will never depart.

There are many who pray for your safe return
the children and I have your picture my dear
to hold near and often we shed a tear, but
with our church family praying you shall return.

Once you return home we pray to God that we
will never be apart, but if duty calls we know that
God is on our side and He will bring you back
safely from all harm.

God's love is persistent but never pushy ! ! !



We dedicate this page to all of the gallant brave members of our Armed Forces and their families. Thank you for you service and sacrifices. You are in our prayers, may God watch over and protect each and everyone of you.